Why a Medium?

“it’s not about death,
but about life…” LL

I serve as a guide to help you live life to its fullest. As a medium, I am a conduit for the spiritual realm to communicate to the physical realm. I believe everyone has the innate capacity to make this personal connection.



LL is available for one-on-one (or multiple parties) counsel by phone or Skype. Gift certificates available.


Email Reading

Ask Laura Lee your VIP question. For a small fee, LL will write you a personalized answer.


Group Reading

Raise a little heaven for friends and family with Medium Laura Lee. Contact your dearly departed, spirit guides and angels too to find answers...

From The Gallery
  • Texas size pit of rattlesnakes: Spirits of transmutation and change.
  • Hanging out in Texas with Investigation Team: Father Rob, Shaman Richard, and Investigator Kevin
  • Father Rob, Austin Police Department Chaplin, giving his blessings for our investigation.
  • MEnmexico
  • Shaman Richard offering his ritual to our Texas investigation team.
Upcoming Events
Angel Messages

Angel Message of Week: The ‘Angel of Birth’ reminds you this week with simple signs; ‘today is the first day of the rest of your life.’ IF that is the case, how are you going to spend it? Working...

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VIP Messages
Not…fast enough
Not…fast enough

VIP Message for Haley: I have been working with my intuition and psychic abilities. I feel I am not opening fast enough. Do you see if this is happening for me?   Medium Laura Lee: Yes. I see you...

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Messages of Love

Message of Love from Tia: I see the number 1111 (or 111) regularly on license plates, clocks, and signs. Someone told me to make a wish when I spotted the number. They also mentioned to...

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Tune into Spirit

“Dispel your fears. Find closure and answers to rediscover hope. Insights will lead you to inner truth.”

Insights to career?
Contract time frames?
I was fired. Now what?

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