Angel Message: Purpose

Purpose ~ I see an angel climb a mountain, carefully watching their footing while scaling the rocky wall. They are so far up the mountain, that they no longer see the valley. In fact, the angel continues to look upward and even breaks to enjoy...

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Your Are What You Eat

Heather from Toronto: Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had ours in Canada — I love turnip, mashed potatoes, stuffing. Butter Tarts- Wondering if the 2 men I went to school with should start an agency? Thanks, Heather Medium Laura...

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Thankful About Spirit

By Terry I need to share an experience that I’m very thankful about spirit. I have been trying to be more open to spiritual messages and energy. An amazing thing happened this morning that makes me feel I am making progress! I opened the...

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Angel Message: Honesty

Honesty ~ with self! An angel stands gazing in a mirror. Something heavy has been weighing (literally perhaps? or figureatively something is resting upon your heart) on you. You know what it is, but its time you come clean with yourself and...

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Struggling to Pay

Jessica from Belvidere: You were right Laura!  You said someone at a bank would help us get money to fix our home, & they did. We were declined a loan. Then I wrote the president of the bank and he had the vp meet with me and my husband. They...

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Angel Message: Trust

Trust ~ To build trust with others, we have to demonstrate we trust by extending a hand (or metaphorically, our heart) in situations. I see an angel cautiously approaching a skittish unicorn to feed. Unicorns symbolize a few things; innocence...

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Angel Message: Play

PLAY! You so want life to be easy, carefree and playful…if only you were just ‘graced’ with such a good life? Right? But you are already graced! Celebrate it! Besides being human, you are a spiritual, divine, being at the highest...

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Angel Message: Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm ~ I see an angel standing bundled with scarf, hat, gloves in snow but is also waving a little white flag as if to embrace the change of season (that might be a literal message for some of you in snow 🙂 but, the change of your personal...

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Angel Message: Birth

BIRTH ~ Okay, I know what you’re thinking, but don’t take this one literally ~ unless you are pregnant! LOL But, I do get a couple messages here. First, I see an angel cradling a baby in her arms as if to inform us that there we are...

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