Angel Message: Transform

TRANSFORM ~ I see an angel metamorphosis from a physical being into a lighter being (or it appears dark to light)…which I sense means that you are going through a personal transformation right now. This will help you to be nimble, quick and more...

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Angel Message: Obedience

OBEDIENCE ~ There is an angel riding down the road on a bike and stops at a red traffic light. She appears obedient and stops as the sign directed. This isn’t so much a literal translation about speeding thru a red light (or maybe it is?!...

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Angel Message: Harmony

HARMONY ~ Standing before me is a group of angels singing in harmony, which is to say that you are beginning to form an alliance with associates/colleagues that has you looking forward in a good direction. At the very least, it is energizing...

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Angel Message: Patience

PATIENCE~ I see an angel resting patiently, knitting, as if suggesting you go about an activity that keeps you in that zone while waiting….waiting for something  (or at least it feels like you’re waiting….like an answer?) that has you...

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Angel Message: Strength

10/1 STRENGTH ~ I see an angel stand beneath a tree with arms wide open….as if to stand in one’s own power. IF you are feeling disempowered, right now, regarding a matter that you feel needs addressed with another (or institution, or...

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