Angel Message for Week 3/10/14: The angel stands fully in the light, open, receptive and receiving guidance. Your job is just to remain open too. And you’ll be guided as well. This week take a mini break during the day to literally capture...

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Angel Message for March 2014: An angel turns on a light bulb to reveal light on a situation that may have brought you confusion, inner turmoil and maybe an unsettled feeling. Unsure of your whereabouts or where you were to go in the dark, the...

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Angel Message Week 2/24: Patients is a virtue; comes to mind when I see an angel quietly knitting. She has just started this project, since I see a small panel completed and much more has to be achieved before concluding the end result. But, she...

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Angel Message Week 2/17: I see an angel gently pet a black cat. The black cat is often ostracized from people because its perceived bad luck. What I receive from this message is that you have something going on, such as a circumstance (this also...

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Angel Message: Obedience

Week 2/3: I see an angel sit at a stop light. Your task is to learn to be obedient to your angel’s signals to stay on the right path. So how do you know when to stop? To go? Or to proceed with caution? If it feels good, then it is a green...

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Angel Message: Courage

February 2014: If you feel like you are dying inside, remaining in the status quo, then you know you have to go beyond the comfort zone. All these are signals from your guidance, so pay attention. This is the month to just do it. Get out of your...

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Angel Message: Synthesis

An angel stands below a rainbow. And it is delighted by this positive sign of hope. Whenever a storm is over, rainbows usually appear when the light pierces through clouds. This means that whatever turmoil you were going through in your life, the...

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Angel Message-Delight

I see several angels celebrating an event or news that will come to you. I almost get that the news/event was held in prayer and or affirmation. This will put you, others around you, in a good mood. It will almost be humorous to you that this...

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