Angel Message: Patience

PATIENCE~ I see an angel resting patiently, knitting, as if suggesting you go about an activity that keeps you in that zone while waiting….waiting for something  (or at least it feels like you’re waiting….like an answer?) that has you...

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Angel Message: Strength

10/1 STRENGTH ~ I see an angel stand beneath a tree with arms wide open….as if to stand in one’s own power. IF you are feeling disempowered, right now, regarding a matter that you feel needs addressed with another (or institution, or...

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Angel Message: Balance

 ~ see an angel walking a tight rope Yup, that’s how it seems sometimes to meet deadlines at work or play office politics, address a needy friend, take care of an emotional child (parent/spouse), let alone carve out a few moments for...

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Angel Message: Humor

~ you know you need it! See a clown holding balloons….doesn’t necessarily mean one will show up at your door today (how frightening) or that you are going to a circus/party ( and maybe you are?! ), but rather that you need to find ways to...

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Angel Message – Faith

I see two angels leap towards one another, in mid-air, in total faith….meaning:  it’s all going to work out when you decide to make the leap. As a result, good harmony, flow, and everyone in sync ~ as if you were trapeze artist leaping in...

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