Go to Sleep

I had been in Peoria hospital for CT scan and other things for cancer that they found. The night I got home I couldn’t sleep because of everything on my mind. I remember half singing ‘go to sleep’ when my Dad showed up, more...

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Message From Heaven

My grandmother’s name was Armenta. I spent a lot of time with her as a child, especially sleep overs. My grandmother couldn’t speak. She had a stroke when I was really young and never seemed to get over it. She could function in every...

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A Big Open Field

I had a spiritual encounter when I was a very young girl. My great grand mother would walk to my home and walk me back to her house everyday. I loved that time of the day and I loved her. When she died I was sad she was gone, but I was also ok...

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Angel By My Side

(Angel’s holiday miracle story) I lived through a car wreck when I was 21. The car in front of me hit their brakes and I hit my breaks. The road was wet and my car hydroplaned and skidded out of control. I hit a telephone pole with the rear...

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Thankful About Spirit

By Terry I need to share an experience that I’m very thankful about spirit. I have been trying to be more open to spiritual messages and energy. An amazing thing happened this morning that makes me feel I am making progress! I opened the...

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He Wanted To Go To Hell

by Norman Dear Laura, I had a very close friendship with a man named Robby. Robby was an intelligent, charming, and sophisticated. Shortly after we met because of a business venture, he asked his assistant to hold his calls, and he talked to me...

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I Loved Little Bumper

by Angel As I was sitting on the computer tonight, I noticed our old cocker spaniel running around the apartment. He passed away many years ago with cancer. He had to be put down because the cancer was near his brain and it made him bite people...

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444 Signs Calling Him Home

By Gia Hawk Prior to the passing of my brother Jerry, for 6 months I was seeing the numbers 444, on everything not realizing what it meant at the time. Sadly I found out in March 2011 at 4:44am, this would be the time he passed away. I can say...

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