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Spirit Salon: Group Reading

December 18, 2016 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

World-wide Teleseminar
Cost: $55
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Raise some heaven with Medium Laura Lee and special guest to chat about spiritual topics that matter most to you: December’s topic is FAITH. Contact your dearly departed, spirit guide or an angel too to help you find answers, insight, or guidance. Laura Lee can see, feel, hear and know what the heavens have to say about things that matter most to your life. Recognized as a ‘Radio’ Medium for over 15 years, Laura Lee can tap into higher realms and address the concerns of her callers. Her readings dispel fear, reveal truth and inspire hope to guide your life journey.

This is a public group reading hosted by Medium Laura Lee over a world-wide teleconference line. You can call in to participate, from the privacy of your own home, or anywhere all over the world. Long distance rates may apply, however country phone numbers are accessible to call into this event. This forum has limited space. Reserve your spot today to  receive an email confirmation with details to participate in this upcoming event with Laura Lee and special guest.

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This is what others had to say:

“I thought ‘what is the cost….for a chance to communicate with my mother?’  My answer was priceless..my mother was coming thru to talk to me. Oh my God! Time was standing still. I just was amazed by the things that she shared with me. Only my mother would know these things. My mother in law was there and she even agreed with me that was definetly my mom. She (Laura Lee) did not state general things. She was very specific on the things she told me…..I have such peace about my mother now….Laura Lee has given me the greatest gift anyone could have ever given me…I hope you take this invitation to heart and experience communicating with the other side. I am a true believer….Tina Schiffbauer”

“I was pleasantly surprised by a visit from my mother and my father (through Laura Lee). Things were relayed to me that could only be for me specifically and some known only by me. My father must have been able to sense my apprehension because he reaffirmed it was not just “T”, his nickname, but it was “TED!” the name for which the “T” stood for.  It was a unique and comforting experience….Diane Haase”

“Laura said an angel appeared behind my friend and me; The person who appeared was a student of mine in my first class who had been killed in a car accident…Laura Lee confirmed that experience. Again, the information was so specific that it could not have been fabricated or conjured up in any way…peace and comfort filled my whole body….Rhonda Johnson”

“My mother came thru loud and clear!  Laura Lee saw a house fire with lots of people surrounding it in an almost “party atmosphere”!  After my parents died, the family farm house was taken down in a “controlled burn” with the local fire department.  Many friends and family members attended the burn. My mother told us that she was very happy about this event and that she always hated that house (something that I always suspected)!  Ruth Baldin”

“I am so happy that I took the step…to contact Laura Lee. She is unbelievable. I would like to relay two things she brought up that was a very touching…First, I was a twin who had lost my brother at infancy but he is always in my thoughts and I feel like he is right here with me all the time. Not too many people know about him and she (Laura Lee) brought him up that he was with me.  I was choked and it took every breath for me to continue the conversation. Another was the message from my father: I have missed him so much and to hear he is with me….he knew I went to the cemetery, yesterday, it just knocked my socks off.  This was so important to him that people visit him and he made sure to be buried close to my house so I would go and visit.  Laura lee made my day! Jane Combs 

Raise some heaven with Laura Lee!

For more information, feel free to call 309-888-4589 or email: Assistant@MessagesofLove.com

*All sales are final. Credit, no refunds, are applicable to other events or services. This event is not to be combined with any special offers. 

*Readings are random in group gallery forum. There is no guarantee to receive personal readings at these events. 


December 18, 2016
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
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World-wide Teleseminar

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