How to keep calm and carry on under pressure

How to keep calm and carry on under pressure

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘Keep calm and carry on?’  Most likely you’ve spotted these words on miscellaneous articles of clothing, mugs, hats, and posters with variations such as Keep calm and shop on or keep calm and party on. Keep calm and carry on was a campaign created by British government to prepare its citizens for attack in WWII. It was a clever way for the Brits to say, ‘Hey, let’s not panic…we’re going to get through this together.” Keep calm and carry on is just as relevant today to remind us not to panic, whether you reside in the UK or anywhere else in the world.

We face an onslaught of threats including, but not limited to, climate change (if you believe in that sort of thing), cyber attacks, cyber bullying, terrorism in our schools and our communities ~ not to mention, nationally. Jobs being threatened by technology, men feeling disempowered from the women’s movement. Women, LGBT, and blacks rights attacked by the establishment. Immigrants who seek refuge from violence only to get pushed back into nightmarish realities. Allies turning into enemies and enemies becoming allies? It’s all overwhelming when we have our own day to day pressures to contend with such as health issues, relationship problems, work and finance challenges. Each of these realities spin menacing vortexes around us like tornados. Some graze by us while others don’t. While others consume our every waking hour. Being caught up in any one of these mass frenzies can deplete your spirit and take away the joy of life. Here’s how you can keep calm and carry on under pressure;

Why worry when you can’t control it? My client Joe complained of stomach pains, sleepless nights and depression. He asked me if I could sense anything related to the symptoms to help elevate his suffering. While I’m not a doctor, I intuitively saw Joe spending time in front of a computer screen typing away furiously. I asked him if this made sense. He professed to being a news junky. He said he couldn’t help himself in raging debates with online politics. I shared that his body was sending warning signals of feeling disempowered by things outside his control. I recommended he take back control of his life by replacing his addiction with a healthier activity to see how he feels. Joe reached out awhile later to say he’d felt better when he made a conscious decision to cut his screen time by replacing it with a walk. 

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You cannot feel inferior to someone else without your consent.” It’s very simple to not worry when you can’t control it; Stop worrying. Choose not to let whoever or whatever effect your day.

Think before your speak. Thinking before speaking is easier said than done. It’s easier to shoot fire with fire, but we already have a lot of that happening in our world today. This solution doesn’t seem to get us anywhere. Losing your cool with someone means that you feel disempowered. The best form of communications is to actively listen to what the other person is saying. This doesn’t mean you are creating a comeback in your own mind while they speak. It means listening to every word that leaves their lips. Really hearing what they are saying. 

I admit to having this dynamic with a friend where we speak over one another. It’s a battle for air space, shooting random words. No one can hear what the other person is saying. Most recently, we squabbled over a health matter where one thought they knew better than the other spouting our so called ‘facts.’ When I realized we weren’t getting anywhere with one another, I reigned in my ego. I stopped engaging in our nonsensical battle. Instead, I listened. This action instantly extinguished the fire between us. It brought me peace. And it brought her peace too, when I heard what she was saying. When I had the clear space to air my feelings, the right words percolated from my spirit. Naturally, all was good between us. 

Think about the consequences before making decisions. Before making a decision that not only impacts your life, but impacts the lives around you ~  ask, “What are the consequences of this decision if I do this?” Then wait. Spirit will share a thought, a vision, or an idea to help you decide whether or not to move in that direction. IF you feel peace, love, or joy, such as goosebumps, tingly sensations or your heart oozes warmth, then proceed forward. IF what you receive is pain in the gut, stomach, heart, or you freeze with panic, back off until you get a clear green light to go. This information can be vital for your personal well being. 

I mentor a student, Liza to listen to her intuition. Liza is a successful business woman, a mother and a wife. However, Liza lived in constant panic with an abusive partner who threatened her, and her children’s, daily existence. I helped her hone her skills to recognize signals to make effective life decisions. Eventually, Liza recognized the precise moment when it felt right for her and her children to exit the relationship safely. To date, her and her ex are getting the professional help they need for the highest good for their family.   

Shake it off. Sort of like the Taylor Swift song, dancing and singing can do wonders when you’re under pressure. But, when I say shake it off, I’m thinking about the time when you were a kid when you fell off your bike and scraped your elbow. You thought you’d die in pain, until someone gave you a hand up, told you were okay, and to shake it off. Minutes later you were back on your bike enjoying the ride again. Give yourself permission to be upset. Processing your emotions is  healthy, but you don’t want to stew in this muck forever. Give yourself a time limit. Then tell yourself to shake it off. Literally, brush off the toxicity from your body as a ceremonial gesture to release the energy. Or engage your attention elsewhere ~ like going on a bike ride ~ outside ~ which leads me to my last point. 

Clear yourself of negativity in the sunlight. A big dose of vitamin D from the sun will always shift your mind, body and spirit for the good. According to Medical News Today, Vitamin D isn’t a vitamin, rather it is synthesized by our body when sunlight hits our skin ~ without sunscreen. Not saying that you needlessly expose yourself to the elements for hours. All you need is 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times a week. The health benefits are numerous not to mention boost in the immune system, brain, and nervous system to fight disease. And if you don’t have sunlight easily accessible, close your eyes and imagine as if the sun shined its rays upon your body, washing away all the impurities holding you emotionally hostage. Feel the tension melt away in your body. Most importantly, give thanks to spirit for restoring peace to your soul. I guarantee, within minutes, you’ll feel a sense a calm.  


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