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"I was listening to BTR (Blog Talk Radio) at work today while sitting at my desk. I came across your segment and I realized you read for me back in Dec 2014. I went back to the archives from that day; I had transcribed them in my journal. My mouth dropped open after reading it today. I'm not a "prediction" junky but boy did you hit it out of the park AND the "now" things you picked up "about" and "for" me were so right on it. I understood your observations at the time AND you were sooo right. Those words are so healing for me today!"

Sophia Towns
"My mom turned on her radio when she got to work. The song that you sang (Old Days by Chicago) was on the radio; You said my dad was singing this song  and you relayed this message to her at the reading.  My mom was so happy. It brought her a lot of peace. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us!"
Angie Noonan

Remember when you said I was gonna meet someone soon? Well I did…I haven't been this happy in a very long time. Anyway wanted to give ya an update. Thanks again!

Meredith Dunning

"Thank you so much for the reading.  It was wonderful.  What a gift you have."

Debra Nagel

"After I talked to you, my mom text me to tell me that she found that ring my maternal grandmother told you to tell me about in the reading. It was in a box, just like you said. She also found a letter that my maternal grandmother wrote to me when I was away at college, dated 9/15/90."

Lucy Gonzales

"Thank you so much for your reading…I have been in such turmoil since my son passed away and you answered my questions. It gave me peace of mind knowing that my son was okay….and that he’ll always be with me."

Maureen De Leon

"I want to thank you. Everything you had given me was 100% accurate. I went into this a bit skeptical but after talking with you, I am now a true believe of you. You gave me answers to questions that were resting heavy on my heart. You also mentioned that my Mom had a lot to say (from the other side) and you really blew my wife away by letting her know that Mom wished her a happy birthday. You’re incredibly gifted Laura. I can’t thank you enough."

Dan Ariza

"I am so happy that I took the step to contact Laura Lee…she is unbelievable. First, I was a twin who had lost my brother at infancy. He is always in my thoughts and I feel like he is right here with me all the time. Not too many people know about him and she (Laura) said that he was with me. I was choked and it took every breath for me to continue the conversation. Another was the message from my father. I have missed him so much and to hear he is with me and knows I go to the cemetery just knocked my socks off. This was so important that we visit him. He made sure to be buried close to my house so I would  visit. Laura Lee made my day!"

Jayne Combs

"I met Laura shortly after my sister, Judy, died. Laura was extraordinarily helpful to me and later to my daughter. Her ability to communicate with my sister, from the other side, and provide information that only my sister knew helped me deal with the loss. After my dad passed away, I again turned to Laura for help. Her gift as a medium is authentic and proves to be healing for anyone present."

Marcie Harrison

“So wonderful to hear from my Mom who passed away 3 years ago from Cancer…Even though both of my boys were very close to my Mom, because I took care of her, my oldest at 15 had a very special relationship to my Mom. He still has a very hard time dealing with her passing….even talking about it makes him very emotional. Laura Lee was right on target and she brought so much joy to my sons heart. I just wanted to express my deepest thanks. You have helped to make a sad little boy realize that our loved one’s are NEVER gone!"

Doreen Duran

…I had a reading with Laura Lee. This reading was very short, but the information Laura brought through was detailed, accurate and amazing. The information was not vague….she brought through information only known to friends and family who knew details surrounding my son’s passing. I have had several readings with pretty reputable mediums in the past. Laura’s message was one of the most compelling…Laura has to be one of the most accurate mediums.

Patrick Collins

"I am so pleased that my boyfriend contacted Laura Lee…she is unbelievable…he had always been told by his mother that he would never amount to anything and she treated him like a second class citizen. She was 15 when she had him. She treated his sisters and younger brother so different. When she was very ill he stood by her side and took care of her until the end.When he had his reading , I saw his whole facial expression change and tears well up. He couldn’t speak. When he hung up (the phone) he broke down and cried that he finally got the apology from her that he always wanted to hear. She even acknowledged his caring for her during her dying. How would anyone know this? She is phenomenal. Anyone that doesn’t believe, needs to have a reading by Laura."

Jayne Combs

"My mother came thru loud and clear! Laura saw a house fire with lots of people surrounding it in an almost “party atmosphere” ~ After my parents died, the family farmhouse was taken down in a “controlled burn” with the local fire department. Many friends and family members attended the burn. My mother told us that she was very happy about this event and that she always hated that house (something that I always suspected)"

Ruth Baldin

"Laura said an angel appeared behind my friend and me; The person who appeared was a student of mine in my first class who had been killed in a car accident…Laura Lee confirmed that experience. Again, the information was so specific that it could not have been fabricated or conjured up in any way…peace and comfort filled my whole body”

Rhonda Johnson

"I was pleasantly surprised by a visit from my mother and my father (through Laura Lee). Things were relayed to me that could be for me specifically and only known by me. My father must have been able to sense my apprehension because he reaffirmed it was not just “T”, his nickname, but it was “TED!” the name for which the “T” stood for. It was a unique and comforting experience”

Diane Haase

"Here’s the amazing occurrence that took place: You honed in on my sister and began describing a woman that we all knew was our mom. Continually, during that brief interaction, you said that my mom kept putting a crown on my sister’s head. You asked if we had any idea what that could mean. We couldn’t come up with a single reference to the crown related to our mom. Just then, my 4 year old son ran into the house and jumped up on sister's lap and promptly placed the Burger King crown on her head. Immediately everyone began to feel shivers and shed tears. Mom was making a prophetic gesture to let us know that she was still around. Thank you VERY much for bringing us her message."

Terry Beer

"I contacted you...regarding a project and you told me that my sister would help me …And didn’t understand how my sister could help.  But, you were right! ...I enlisted the help of my sister. You had also told me that mid-summer was when I would see movement.  You were also right...I worked with my sister over the summer, and finished early September! Thank you for your encouragement and advice!"

Brandi / Oregon

I thought ‘what is the cost….for a chance to communicate with my mother?’ My answer was priceless. My mother was coming thru to talk to me. Oh my God!…The things that she shared with me just amazed me. Only my mother would know these things….I am a true believer…

Tina Schiffbauer

I received a reading…where you gave me wonderful news about my mother. She thought that she had cancer and was praying to the Virgin of Guadalupe. You gave me a message for my mother acknowledging she was heard and that everything would be fine. This turned out to be the truth and we all feel blessed. It felt good to get some assurance during that scary time. Thank you!

Erica Westin

Thank you for the poignant and nurturing reading that you did for me after the passing of my mother. It meant so much to me and my siblings with whom I shared your messages as soon as we all gathered in Delhi (India). The words you shared were not only absolutely accurate but they were like a loving balm to our grief.

Pami Singh
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