Laura Lee’s Mentor Program; Psychic mediumship development for self empowerment

You are psychic. More importantly, you have an innate capacity to connect with higher realms. We are all connected to one divine source (which goes by different names) that links up to universal wifi. This is not sci-fi. Humans are hard-wired with supernatural powers to have these experiences on a daily basis. You simply have to be open and ready to embrace this latent skill, which is why you landed on this page; “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” This program is designed to develop your psychic mediumship ability for self-empowerment.

Benefits you will enjoy;

I serve as your mentor through the learning process. This is not a manual, nor an audio or DVD recording, but a real-life, one-on-one session, where we meet over the phone or Skype. You and I can connect no matter where you are located on the world map. As your guide, I am attuned to your special needs during the learning process and adjust the program accordingly to your development. Our time together gives you the freedom to express thoughts, feelings, and questions during the learning process. I can also share feedback on your progress. Plus, it’s more fun when we work together watching your progression unfold.

The program is customized for you. Some people are naturally attuned to their sixth sense than others, which is why I tailor my program around your existing skillset. It is also fashioned to meet your personal goals; To increase self-awareness to navigate life, for personal or professional aspirations to make everyday decisions, to pursue a career as a psychic and or medium, or any combination of these elements. Each person is different, which is why my lessons are not structured in a cookie-cutter curriculum. I intuitively guide you to meet your personal needs.

Your development is strengthened with exercises and assigned homework. It’s important to make a commitment to your development to keep material fresh and your skills sharp. This is why I designed the program for four, half-hour, weekly sessions covered over a month’s term. Each lesson, we delve into a specific subject matter, perform an exercise, recap, and provide instruction for recommended homework that may include reading, journaling, and or a task specifically assigned for your personal development. If you decide the program works for you after the first four weeks, we continue at your pace month to month.

Break through blocks and raise your vibration to psychically connect. We all have blocks that shield our intuitive nature. There’s a taboo around the subject matter of psychic abilities, and mediumship put onto us by religion, society and family norms that most people avoid it altogether for fear of being labeled crazy. Everyday life, at home or work front, clutters our receptors too. I have proven methodologies to break through these barriers, raise your energy, and enhance the connection to spirit.

Your psychic skills will enhance everyday decision making. I’ll guide you to strengthen your sixth sensory perception to clearly see beyond the range of natural vision as a clairvoyant or attune to frequencies beyond the ordinary as a clairaudient. I will also teach you clairsentience; Trusting your feelings, the emotions of others, as clear psychic impressions. Finally, you’ll learn how to ‘know’ when you’re receiving an intuitive hit by enhancing your claircognizance ability. These intuitive senses, support your five senses, which are the foundation for sound decision making and are basics for mediumship development.

You will contact higher realms. This isn’t hard folks. Contact is made every day, but most people don’t recognize the signs. First, because we weren’t taught how. Two, it’s scary ~ thanks to media seeking a buck, because they put the scare factor into supernatural to boost ratings. And three, there is something that frightens us about traveling to unknown territory, especially when we discuss matters of death and dying (death is the second biggest fear for most people, next to public speaking). I can help you get over these mind trips. It’s a matter of living life or walking around like the living dead…and we don’t need more zombies. Life flows when you develop a relationship with your network of helpers. We can concentrate on any one of these areas, and or all, during your development.

Contact your dearly departed for closure and healing. I will guide you into the afterlife realm to meet your spirit(s). I believe personal contact with your dearly departed is soul therapy for grief. The experience can help you heal, find closure, and bring peace of heart, mind, and soul to live life now. I know this to be true from personal experience and countless connections I’ve made for people over a twenty-year period as a professional and teacher. Depending on your personal goal, we can cultivate your mediumship skills for reading other people.

Contact your spirit guide for insight and direction. I will guide you to meet your spirit guide(s). Your spirit guide may, or may not be, someone you’ve known on earth. It can include a distant relative, a former colleague, a soulmate from another realm and or animal spirits that serves to bring more insight, meaning, and acquire skills to whatever challenge you face. Developing a rapport with your guide can make all the difference when life throws you a curve balls.

Contact your angel for divine guidance. I will guide you to meet your personal guardian. The celestial realm is accessible to all of us, no matter your faith. Light beings are mentioned in all holy text under different names. The word Angel originated in Latin, from the Greeks, for angelos which means ‘messenger.’ Your angel watches and guides over every day whether or not you believe. They anticipate to lend a helping hand and guide your life. When you’re ready to ask and listen, this divine relationship is indispensable to living life fully.

Learn how to discern true from false guidance to live authentically. This subject is a hot topic in our current affairs. True guidance is tricky; We may confuse it with all the information hitting us from different directions in the world today. But there is a distinct difference between true and false guidance when you learn discernment. I have proven methods to help you filter between the two. This lesson is taught throughout the program to remind you how to pay close attention to your inner signals. Learning to trust your guidance is an essential key to success in living an authentic life.

I put this program to practice in workshops on the national conference circuit and teleconferencing seminars that have taught people all over the world. Plus, I’ve designed personal programs for corporate executives, entrepreneurs, stockbrokers, authors, law enforcement, doctors, nurses, health care professionals, and stay at home mothers (fathers too) who sought to develop their psychic abilities. No matter who you are, or what you do, your life can benefit from developing a relationship with spirit.

Mentor Program ~ 4 sessions $1192; Weekly installment plan for your convenience

Your payment transaction will notify us to schedule you on the calendar. IF you don’t hear from our office within 24 hours of making payment, please contact us.


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