How spirit signals us to fall back

How spirit signals us to fall back

How spirit signals us to fall back; 

Mother Earth intuitively knows when it’s time to close down for rest and relaxation. It’s a natural cycle we see, feel, and hear each fall. Her temperature drops, changing our landscapes coloring. The crushing sound of leaves beneath our feet remind us to prepare for her inevitable transformation. There is a collective shift; By setting our clocks back all inhabitants join her hibernation. She understands retreating is necessary to regenerate for full bloom in the spring.

Humans are no different. Our spirit signals us to fall back and take time out. The body is our tuning device to guide us on our path. Like Mother Earth, the body is naturally intuitive,  especially in the heart. Yet, often we ignore and override its messages. Avoiding our inner call for downtime can lead us to trouble, or worse, lead us to a moment of crisis. 

The mind, body and spirit connection is not separate. They work in unison. If the mind is thinking one direction and our heart tugs at us to go another, the body will be in discord. We are sent smoke signals like Mother Earth. Not paying attention to our spirit, over an extended period of time, we can manifest dis-ease in the body. By addressing the warning signs early enough, however, there is wisdom in following our innate guidance system. These are a few ways our spirit signals us to fall back. 

Fall back when you feel a chill. We’ve all had fleeting moments where ‘flu like’ symptoms, rush upon us like a mad storm. Chills force us to retreat for warmth and comfort. Sometimes these sensations pass after a period of rest and we excuse them as a bug. That bug doesn’t necessarily mean a virus. More likely, spirit bugs us to high tail it out of harms way for our higher good. 

Case in point, Andrew was at a party with a few friends when he suddenly experienced overwhelming chills. “The temperature plummeted from 70 degrees to freezing,” he said, “and that was indoors.” Andrew retired early from the party and called a cab despite a friend insisting they’d take him home. He woke the next morning feeling better thinking he’d slept off whatever it was. Andrew soon realized differently when a text announced that his friend, who offered him a ride, was sent to the ER after a serious car accident the night before. 

Fall back when your heart hurts. The heart is not only a precious organ that pumps blood throughout the body to support life, it is extremely perceptive to your environment. It waves red flags such as burning sensations, rapid fibrillations, and or sudden stabs that jolt you to make a move. Yes, these are similar to symptoms of an anxiety, heart or big mac attacks. But, if you followed up with a physician and without any signs thereof, heed your heart’s counsel. 

Sara felt a sharp pain in the heart whenever her husband would address a call or text and retreat to another room. Whenever she’d inquire who was calling, he’d angrily pass it off as a needy new boss at work who leaned on him for help. She did her best to believe him, however, their relationship grew distant as he took more time with work obligations. The stabbing in Sara’s heart grew stronger which prompted a doctor’s visit. Her physician diagnosed her with anxiety and prescribed medication which instantly made her feel better, but zoned out. Months later he left the relationship and moved in with a new girlfriend ~  his boss. “I always knew,” Sara said, “I just didn’t have anything to go on but my instincts.” 

Fall back when it doesn’t smell right. We’ll walk away from anyone who has bad gas, instinctually, but we are also repelled by odors that are pungent, moldy, and foul. If something doesn’t smell right, it isn’t. 

Ally smelled mold in her home. Her family thought she was going crazy because no one else could detect the scent. As a concerned mother, she had the house searched by experts. Lo and behold they detected black mold in the attic of their home. Fortunately, they rented the house and were able to break the lease early. The following fall, Ally’s nose picked up the same moldy odor at her son’s school. When she brought it to authorities attention, they dismissed her concerns claiming the work was done over the summer. Ally, a mom on a mission, pursued the administration test the contractors work. The school confirmed her instincts were on target when they had found mold present in the school duct system. 

As a  professional intuitive, and not a doctor, I recommend following up with your physician, for your peace of mind, at any hint of regularity that your body senses something isn’t right. What do you do if you’re fortunate to receive a clean bill of health?  Fall back; Stop your trajectory on the given path. Go to a quiet place to recenter yourself for reflection. Take a deep breath and ask your spirit counsel for the pain. Then wait for it. You’ll receive a thought, image, or instantly know the cause of your discomfort. Trust your instincts implicitly to make the change. And your life will bloom again.  

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