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Contact your spirit guide for insight and direction. A spirit guide can manifest in various forms at different points in your life. They inspire us to reach higher for our soul’s growth. They can also help us embrace our lives with purpose. A spirit guide is unlike our guardian angel who offers divine guidance or a dearly departed who offers to heal by their mere presence, although some people mistake these spiritual realms to be one and the same. Also, spirit guides are not necessarily your astrological sign. The kind of guide that I reference is a spirit that offers insight, skills, and gives you life direction. These spirits may not have manifested in physical form (at least in your lifetime) and or they did at one point such as ancestors (distant or not so distant relatives), friends, colleagues or old neighbors that impart wisdom from personal experience. I’ve met clients who identified with the spirits of President Lincoln, Mark Twain, Shiva, and Mother Mary. Spirit guides can also appear as ascended masters (Christ, Buddha, Krishna, etc), animals, mythical creatures (sphinx, dragon, Pegasus, etc), a God or Goddess (Quan Yin, Apollo, Kali, etc) and sometimes they can manifest as nature spirits including plants.  

Everyone has a spirit guide. You, too, have a spirit guide whether or not you believe. They make contact even when you’re not paying attention. When you’re ready to receive your spirit guide, their insight and direction are indispensable for living life fully. I designed a 90-minute program to lower the veil, increase your awareness of this unique spiritual realm, and show you how to make contact with your spirit guide too. And to make this more fun, I’ll contact your spirit guide to share messages of insight and direction through random readings in my live teleseminar. 

I serve as a guide to contact your spirit guide. This is not a manual, nor an audio or DVD recording, but a real-life session where we meet over a teleconference line. It is simple; Call a phone number to link in with like-minded people that want to share the same experience. More importantly, you can connect no matter where you are located on the world map. As your guide, attuned to your special needs during our meeting, I share insight and direction from your spirit guide. More importantly, I will demonstrate how naturally you contact your spirit guides on a daily basis too.

Learn to release blocks and raise the vibration for contact. We all have blocks that shield our intuitive nature and lower our energy that make it difficult to connect. There’s a taboo around the subject matter of mediumship (communicating to other realms such as spirits), put onto us by religion, society and family norms. Most people avoid contact for fear of being ridiculed. Everyday life, at home or the work front, such as financial hardship, relationship issues, and health matters, can clutter our receptors too. Finally, grief can put up our defenses and push away people we love and unfortunately, this can include our helpers in spirit realms. I share a simple, yet proven, method that breaks through these barriers, raise your vibration to contact your spirit guides.

Learn recognizable signs from your spirit guide every day. You make contact with your spirit guide(s) every day, but most often these signs go unrecognized. First, because you weren’t taught how to connect to higher realms. Two, it’s a scary notion we may connect to a demon or who knows what else may appear unfamiliar to us. Thanks to media seeking a quick buck, they put the scare factor into the supernatural to boost ratings. And three, there is something that frightens us about traveling to unknown territory. As your guide, I’ll help you get over these mind trips when you recognize daily signs to contact your spirit guides.

Learn how your spirit guide shares insight and direction. You’ll receive messages from your spirit guides during this meeting to bring about insight and direction in your life through random readings. I’ll also help you recognize how your sixth sensory perception, inherent within you, is already receiving contact on universal wifi. I’ll share how you’re clearly seeing beyond the natural range of vision like any clairvoyant or attuned to frequencies beyond ordinary reception as a clairaudient. I’ll also reveal how you’re clairsentient; Receiving feelings and scents that clearly denote connection to your spirit guide. Finally, you’ll learn how you ‘know’, claircognizance, when you’re receiving contact from your spirit guide. Learning to trust your intuitive senses, that support your five senses, are the foundation for receiving insight and direction from contacting your spirit guide.

Learn how to discern true from false messages. The subject surrounding true from false messages is a hot topic in current affairs. It is tricky. We may confuse truth from fiction by bundling the information hitting us from all different directions in the world today. But there is a distinct difference between what is true and false when you learn discernment. I’ll share ways to help you filter between the two polarities. Learning to trust your instincts is an essential key to contact your spirit guide for insight and direction.

I put this program to practice in workshops on the national conference circuit, teleconferencing seminars, and personally mentor students one-on-one all over the world. I’ve designed personal programs for corporate executives, entrepreneurs, stock brokers, authors, law enforcement, doctors, nurses, health care professionals, and stay at home mothers (fathers too) who sought to develop their contact with angels, dearly departed and spirit guides. No matter who you are, or what you do, life is benefited by developing a relationship with your spirit guide for insight and direction.

What is the world teleseminar? Call into a dedicated conference line from anywhere around the world to participate in this live event with Laura Lee. International lines are available too. Space is limited in these venues. Confirmation details are emailed upon registration. Find the next LIVE tele-Seminar date and time.

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