Understanding ~ Angel Message: 

You learn new information about someone (and/or something) that sheds light and understanding. Not only were you unaware, but it was a completely foreign concept up till now. This knowledge can help you approach a situation with compassion. More importantly, you can make an informed decision for the higher good of all involved. 

It helps to understand where others are coming from by becoming aware of their feelings. Their vulnerability reveals valuable insight that enables you to find workable solutions together. It also allows you to forgive the past. Your tolerance and sensitivity to the situation nurture support and encourages growth. 

Understanding brings about good judgment. Equipped with this time-sensitive knowledge, you can overcome a significant block that kept you (others) from progressing—your preconceived notions based on a false narrative kept you blinded. Your willingness to learn, comprehend, reconnects, and opens doors. New insights make for better decisions and reveal another way forward. Just as you were starting to lose faith, now there is hope for the future. 

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Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels


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